Yoga Dojo


The resident teachers at the commune lead anywhere between two to four classes daily. Our schedules are updated monthly and are available on our schedule page.  Information on our immersions programs, retreats and teacher trainings are available on our programs page.



The Yoga Dojo is the commune’s heart, inspiring a way of life that seeks to realize the state of Yoga.

Yoga, the ancient art & science of happiness, is a tradition of multiple paths and practices. At the retreat, our foundational practices are the ones that transform the individual within his current, every day experience. Our natural and socio-political environment is a reflection of each and every individual; the current state of our world is a reflection of the work that needs to take place for her/him to find true and lasting freedom and happiness. As beings equally connected to both earth and sky, matter and spirit, the truth of our existence is in the creation of heaven or nirvana on this earth.

At the retreat our classes are founded on one or more of the traditions (lineages) of Yoga that provide us with the tools to transform the self and the community:


Raja Yoga (The Kingly Path)

The path compiled and outlined by the sage Patanjali in the Yoga Sutras. This path is the source of Yoga as practiced in the modern (western) world. Patanjali’s Raja Yoga is a path of eight-limbs or practices. Of all eight, our classes at the Dojo give most instruction on the following:


AHIMSA (non-harming or non-violence)

the pervading character of all our actions (thought, word and speech) in relation to other living beings (human, animal, and the environment)


ASANA (seat) the practice resolving unresolved karmas from all of our relationships on an energetic or seed-level; also known as the practice of physical postures or moving meditation. The practice of asana is scientifically proven to improve one’s physical, emotional and mental health. It also has its applications in physical and emotional rehabilitation,.


PRANAYAMA (breath-work) restraining the breath to release the life-force (prana)


DHYANA (meditation) concentration on an (mental) object to transcend identification with the mind


Bhakti Yoga (The Path of Devotion)

Bhakti Yoga is a path of devotion to the Divine Reality that is the source of and present within all experience. In this path the devotee relates to the sublime reality in a deeply personal way. This devotion is practiced through the chanting of (names of the Divine), (call and response of mantra often in song and accompanied by instrument), and through our selfless-service, where actions are undertaken without intention of personal gain or attachment to the outcome.


Shaktivism (Awakening to the Divine Feminine)

From a composite of the words “shakti” and “activism”, Shaktivism is the awakening of the principle of the Divine Feminine (shakti) in our consciousness. This consciousness is centered in the heart-space rather than the mind. Its quality is love and compassion. It moves us to relieve the suffering of all individuals. It is the dissolution of the illusion of separation and individuation in love. This is implicit in all the practices stated above.


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