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We recommend you bring a water bottle and sarong or towel.

Please remove your shoes when entering the dojo.

Any changes on our schedule will be posted on our

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Hari Om!


Thank you for inviting us to walk alongside you on this path. It is an honour to serve in the way our great teachers have done, and we commit to the authentic transmission of the teachings—the wisdom and time-proven practices that have led the dedicated seeker to Self-realization, marked by his or her integration, embodiment, compassion and vision of wholeness.

The practices we share and its arrangement throughout the day and week (regular class schedule) is a reflection of this intention (sankalpa). To preserve this, we observe certain practices.

1. To be able to hold a safe, intimate, and intentional space, we have a modest teacher-student ratio per class. 

Only a limited number of class passes (packages) are sold. Only class pass holders (and immersion participants) are guaranteed spaces in any of the classes. 

For drop-in students, kindly arrive at least ten prior to the start of class.  

We also have a minimum of four classes each dayplenty of opportunity to practice. 

2. We invite you to communicate with your teacher prior to beginning of class about any concerns or consideration to do with the practice. Kindly arrive a few minutes before the beginning of the class especially if you intend to communicate with the teacher. 

3. We invite all students to the Kali Ma Café where complimentary tea will be served after class. This is an opportunity for satsang with the teacher and other students. Please be mindful of the teacher’s time and other guests that may be taking rest in their rooms that are located in close proximity. 

4. Please feel free to explore the rest of the retreat grounds.




All our classes are suitable for students of all levels. Modifications and options are offered for more experienced yoga practitioners as well as beginners. If you are a beginner or first timer, please inform your instructor. Also inform the instructor of any injuries, physical limitations or concerns you may have. We are here to support you.



The resident teachers at the commune lead anywhere between four classes daily. Our schedules are updated monthly and are available on our schedule page.  Information on our immersions programs, retreats and teacher trainings are available on our programs page.

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