What They Say About Our Retreat

Lotus Shores isn't a resort to just do yoga. It is a space to feel at home within yourself. Everyone at Lotus Shores will now a big part of my story and I'm excited to share it. Keep doing what you're doing and the world will be a better place. It is hard to put into words what I have experienced here. In just 3 nights I have emerged with such clarity of my potential. We have left Lotus Shores with our hearts full of joy and love knowing the connections we have made will be lasting.

— Lisa

The retreat programme, to date, has been one of my most precious life experiences and life changing moments.


Our Blossoming Lotus Session have allowed me to strip away all my insecurities and have shown me my inner light. I have left the programme with clarity in my intentions and a being who love myself and who is prepared to love others.


This place is a community for those who would love to discover their selves and identify themselves as a creative. A place of beauty, philosophy and worked hamstring-a place I can easily call my home. 

— Joe

I come to Lotus Shores without any ideas or expectations of what I would find. I was amazed by the beautiful location and my lovely room. I felt at peace immediately. I couldn’t expect meeting such lovely people both students and teachers. I enjoyed every single practice. I am living today light-hearted, I am excited about continuing my path and practicing all that I learnt but even more to share it with everybody, I will meet along. 

— Ana

My time at Lotus shore was absolute magic during my six day yoga immersion. The program that Arianne and Leela have put together is the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. I found the structure I desired with the outline of the program and  the abundant class schedule. Everyday there were opportunities for me to join in on the yoga classes, meditation and pranayama practice, and healing sound bath. 

— Shannon


I was a complete beginner in both yoga and meditation and that is always held me back from exploring them-but the teachers here have been amazing at creating a space for me to experiment and learn whilst feeling supported and encouraged and not making me feel I was holding the group back by my inexperience. The entire experience in every detail has been perfect and beautiful as it is profound.

— Todd


Best experience with yoga and meditation, breathing and relaxation I’ve ever had. I should have stayed longer!


— Jesper

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