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Leela Dasi

Leeladasi is the name given by her guru-ji, Sharon Gannon, creator of the Jivamukti Yoga Method. In Hindu thought, Leela or Lila is the phenomenal world that is the creative or playful expression of the Divine. More importantly, Lila is the belief that every life form and every experience is sacred, containing the essence of Brahman or the sublime, infinite reality. Dasi is a female servant; Leeladasi is a servant of life and of all of beings who are manifestations of the One.

As her name suggests, Leela’s classes are creative, playful, and philosophical. Each practice is undertaken with the intention of cleansing the lens of our perception or tuning the instrument that is our body and mind so we can reside in the infinite present from which we create the experience of heaven on earth—for others beings and the self.

Leeladasi shares the wisdom of her teachers in the Jivamukti Open-level and Yogic Movement & Meditation classes. She also leads the fortnightly New Moon and Full Moon Kirtan and Meditations at the retreat. She divides her time between surfing, playing the harmonium, and creating the programs at the Lotus Shores.​

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Arianne Olegario 

Arianne is the Program Coordinator for the Blossoming Lotus Retreat. She strongly believes in holding a nurturing space for individuals to grow in their practice, may it be through meditation or yoga. She started her journey into self-reflection and healing in 2011. From then on, she grew her practice and holding space for people locally and internationally. She has committed to supporting community and spaces. She was the Head Teacher for an urban yoga studio prior to that working in retreat center in the Philippines. She also held workshops in meditation and yoga in Ghana and India as well as public and private companies. 


She finished her 200hr YTT at White Space Wellness in the Philippines in 2016 and is also one of the earliest teachers of Inner Dance, a movement meditation developed in the Philippines. As reiki master, she complements her work with  her Advanced Sound Healing Course in Nepal last April 2019. Her style of teaching is thematic, focused on exploring movement as meditation. She is an advocate of making yoga and meditation as practical and accessible to everyone.

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Alex Ola

Alex, originally from Poland, made the Philippines her home more than seven years ago. After drifting away from her career as a scuba diving instructor, she became more and more drawn to yoga, veganism and healthy lifestyle choices. She completed her Teacher Training in the stunning Himalayan setting of Dharamsala, India. Originally trained in Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Yin, in her teaching she oscillates between those styles, to share the practice that is a true reflection of her current inner state.

As she spent significant amount of time surrounded by the Tibetan communities of Northern India, she became mesmerized by the power of Tibetan Singing Bowls, which made her dive deeper into the powerful healing abilities of these ancient instruments. She completed her Sound Healing Certifications Level 1 and 2 also in Dharamsala, India. Living permanently between lush greens of Siargao, when not teaching yoga, she can be found surfing, loving on puppies, prepping copious amounts of smoothie bowls or simply relaxing with her loved ones. Her regular offering in Yoga Dojo includes Surf Yoga, Meditation & Sound Bath and Gentle Flow. 

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Julia Motomull

When asked where she's from, her answer is, "everywhere." Julia believes that home is where she is most present, and where she can share life's gifts. She finds herself in the here and now of Siargao, saluting the sun and the sea in practicing, teaching, and surfing.

Jai Ju is a name she is reborn to, in honor of her Filipino & Indian heritage. With her roots in the ashtanga tradition, every practice is Jaya/Jai - a victory - coming to the mat to research and grow towards the highest self. Ju/Julia is inspired by youth and wonder for the earth; she also works with children and sometimes wanders to look for whales.

With gratitude to her teachers, Jai Ju guides her students with strength and serenity, with the intention of healing the body/mind & waking up into our collective consciousness. She leads the ashtanga vinyasa / yoga chikitsa, mind the moon, and yin yoga classes at The Lotus Shores.

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Jeanne Pauline

Born and raised in mainland Surigao, Jeanne pioneered the practice of yoga locally. Even after moving to the island, because of her commitment to the practice and her students, she makes the 5-hour journey to the mainland via ferry and boat once a week to teach and in both Surigao and Butuan City.

She's always believed that the teachings we receive while we do our practice on the mat, we apply it off the mats. It's Jeanne's intention to make the students feel and realize that the physical aspect of yoga, the asanas, is not the end of it all. There is so much beauty and learning in the practice. Our role is to surrender to it. 

Jeanne's Hatha Vinyasa classes are thoughtful, fun and accessible to all levels of yogi. Her kind, supportive and friendly vibe combined with her years of study and commitment to her practice makes for a class that is dynamic combination of skillful movement and intelligent alignment. 

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Joelle Monfilleto

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