Level 1 & 2 : Basic to Advance Course | September 9-15, 2019



"Sound is humanity’s oldest healing modality.” 

Instruction will take place in lotus shores yoga retreat, where sound meditation and healing is a part of the regular program. Learning will be supported in a space held with high-intention; practitioners will be provided with purifying, plant-based (vegan) meals and an opportunity to participate in other forms of yoga and meditation, surrounded by nature. Siargao island has fast become a popular destination; to spiritual seekers and energy healers, it offers them the space to listen, reflect, and recharge— awakening one to his/her innate potential to heal oneself and facilitate the healing of others.


Level 1 & 2 : Basic to Advance Sound Healing Course

starts at  Php 30,000 for a full board, shared accommodation & course fee

only 9 slots available

Swami Chaitanya Krishna

Course Teacher

Under the guidance of Swami Chaitanya Krishna, founder of the Golden Temple Sound Healing Centre in Nepal, you will be initiated into the art and science of tibetan sound healing. Learn the correct physical and energetic techniques using singing bowls to create the frequencies (sound) that have been scientifically proven to bring about healing in the body, from a cellular level, the mind, and spirit.



Level 2: Advance Sound Healing Course 

September 9-15, 2019

  • mandala making & secret mantras

  • 7 chakra advanced

  • brainwave entrainment

  • 12 chakra therapy and healing

  • warm water therapy

  • sound bath & gong healing

  • bells, tingsa, dorje, chakra meditation

  • sound yoga

  • transformation and self healing

  • gratitude & closing session



6 nights shared accommodation

Welcome drinks

Full board meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner)

Course hand outs

Use of amenities at Lotus Shores 


private accommodation is available.

airfare is excluded.


Level 1: Basic Sound Healing Course | Sept 9-11

Php 30,000 all inclusive

Level 1 & 2: Basic to Advance Sound Healing Course | Sept 9-15

Php 65,000 all inclusive




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