Blossoming Lotus Year-End Sacred Silence Retreat


An intentional and conscious pause from activity at the end of a cycle signals the body-mind that it may restore and replenish its vital life energies. We invite you to end the year in silence to make space for heart-centered listening and deep rest. With this pause, we synchronize with the natural rhythms that maintain the cosmos. This is the kind of reset that reconnects us to the wisdom of who we truly are.


The Blossoming Lotus Year-End Silent Retreat is an invitation to take part in sacred silence (mouna) for anyone who wants to honor themselves and their year with rest and inward turning. Rediscover the depth of your power and presence.  The silence will be expanded, unpacked, and deepened through the following practices: pranayama, meditation, nada yoga, sound healing, and yin yoga. We will break silence intoning sacred sound and transmit to the collective from the depth of our being the highest vibratory states.


"listen to silence. it has so much to say."


Check-in time: 1 pm | Check-out time: 10 am

Create an intentional space of silence to:

  • Cultivate gratitude, contentment, and peace

  • Synchronize with the natural the rhythms of the cosmos awakening the body’s natural intelligence, its innate ability to restore and renew itself

  • Close a cycle and invite prana to move into your body, bringing peace, and lightness in the heart 

  • Experience a break from the mental / rational / logical process of the mind, and experience a way of being that is often described as freer, unconditioned and connected

  • Honor and reconnect with the creative power of thought and speech

  • Integrate the lessons from the ending cycle.

Support this by:

  • Taking mouna vow of silence, for a total 72 hours

  • Reset in the natural and intentional environment of the retreat and Siargao Island

  • Practice Pranayama, Vedic, Tantric and Buddhist forms of meditation

  • Replenish life-force energy through pranayama, sattvic diet and 37-hr fast (optional)

  • Move into deeper states of rest with Sound Healing sessions and Yin Yoga

  • Reclaim the creative power of you voice through silence and practice of sacred sound: mantra meditation and nada yoga


Price starts at 22,300 Php (430 USD) for 4 nights at the shared rooms

Check-in time: 1 pm | Check-out time: 10 am


  • 4 nights accommodation of choice

  • Meals: breakfast / brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks, dinner

  • Fruit and Fresh Coconut Water available during fast

  • 5 Pranayama & Meditation Sessions

  • 3 Buddhist Meditation Sessions

  • 2 Hatha/Vinyasa & 2 Yin sessions

  • 2 Sound Baths

  • 1 Kirtan

  • airfare

  • airport / seaport transfers

  • additional food and beverage from the restaurant


Finish every activity you begin. The rhythms of nature decree that each occurrence has its own completion. By bringing each action to closure, you signal the universe to grant you time to replenish your natural energies. With each completion comes a feeling of exuberance—the swell of joy after planting the fields for the season, finishing a painting, or washing dishes after a delicious meal, health-giving meal. The heart becomes light and resolved, and the prana flows gently through it. The spirit of grace that brings gratitude to the universe for her bountiful gifts is kindled.  

– Bri. Maya Tiwari


Through mantra and pranayama sadhana, Leeladasi has come to know silence as the light that is awareness; at the same time and more intimately, the cave of the heart that provides shelter for all beings.


She will share the practice of pranayama as a means of replenishing our vital energies while we break away from the repetitive cycle of our conditioned and limited thinking. Through instruction on the use of sacred sound (mantra) we become established in Love (universal consciousness) from where we draw clarity, strength and peace in our true purpose.


Leeladasi’s search for truth has lead to the founding of Lotus Shores, the uncovering of the power and universality of sacred sound, and the recognition of our unity and divinity.


Arianne is an experienced spaceholder for yoga and meditation. She has led workshops and retreats in several yoga centers around the world and has brought the practice into the field where she’s worked with CEOs and top executives, marginalized groups, and children.


With over 8 years of experience, she breaks down the practice of meditation in a way that is personal, practical and accessible. The space she holds is nurturing, non-judgmental and inspiring.


Arianne started her journey back to the Self in 2011 and is currently the Program Coordinator for Lotus Shores.






Since it was discovered by surfers in the late 80’s / early 90’s, Siargao has then become the tropical island destination for surfers and non-surfers alike. It offers, for the yoga practitioner, the opportunity to practice in nature, close to the elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) which reflect the different dimensions and aspects of ourselves. We come away more embodied and with greater self-awareness.


The island has plenty of natural pools, lagoons, waterfalls and caves, one can visit between during or after the program. Tours, surf lessons, and other outdoor activities can be organized upon arrival, with the Program Coordinator and the front desk.  

Lotus Shores Siargao | Yoga, Surf, & Farm Retreat