Siargao’s original Plant-based, Whole Foods Cafe & Restaurant  

Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner

Open 7:00 AM | Last order 8:30 PM


She who protects

She who shatters the illusion of difference and separation

She who loves

Come home to the Mother-Goddess’ kitchen, where all beings are safe and loved, where every meal is a celebration of Life-- of its unity, beauty and abundance.

Kali, the life-giving force that gives rise to the animate world is the same energy that drives of transformation and spiritual evolution. The cafe is an homage to the life-giving mother, who has provided us with all that we need to realize our true nature. We create our food the way we envion she would, sourcing produce from our growing vegetable garden and the island’s organic farms. All meals are made with intention, by hand, and from scratch. Nothing from a can or plastic bag. We work with time (e.g organic farming methods, fermentation, etc.), nature, high vibrations, and loving hands.

A plant-based diet is the actualization of the potential of the individual to create change in his/her immediate experience, community, and for the world at large.


Each time we respond to the body’s need for nourishment, we hold the key to ending world hunger, diseases of affluence, environmental degradation, and the unnecessary suffering of beings that, like us, want freedom and happiness. It is the single act an individual can make with the greatest impact.


Lotus Shores Siargao | Yoga, Surf, & Farm Retreat