Being & Belonging

The Joy of Practice and Communion


An Invitation: To witness and to be witnessed

With travel restrictions easing and the opportunity to gather from far and wide upon us, Lotus Shores and its island-based community invite you to pilgrimage through this very special juncture between one year and the next. 


Passage is made by and through deepened practice and embodied self-inquiry. The insight and inspiration that arises is integrated within the tender and compassionate space held by the circle of community. Inside its safety and support, we give and receive the greatest gift of all: to witness and be witnessed. This alchemical power is harnessed to make peace with our past, bless our challenges, sow seeds of hope, and step into the living body of our deepest desires and sense of purpose.

Join us; let us come together, after many, many months apart. Through the felt-sense of belonging our potential gracefully unfolds, our purpose finds its place, and the sweetest joy of our embodiment and humanity is realized.



We explore the root practice of all contemplative and spiritual traditions; the one practice that creates the opening for the individual to touch into their essence-nature (the state of Yoga). The one at the heart of various techniques and the foundation of deep connection, authentic relating, and social change.


Its recognition changes the flavor and mood of our practices / rituals and is key to the embodiment and integration of our essence. 


We will explore the practice of deep listening-- of full-bodied awareness-presence through hatha yoga, mantra meditation, embodied self-inquiry, and contemplation. We move between the depths of our personal practice and the breadth of circle and community, with story-telling (both of myth and our own stories and hero’s journey), play and partner work, sounding and chanting, and more. We will investigate as a group, how our personal practices offer an opportunity to recreate and reimagine our relationship with self, family, community, and the world. 

In this retreat, we gift ourselves and one another with the joy of friendship, one that is a natural expression of loving, compassionate Being itself. 


Who is it for?

  • Beginner and long-time practitioners alike.

    • The beginning practitioner will find support in an intimate and immersive learning environment where instruction and guidance meets each individual where they are, in both their practice and life.

    • The long-time practitioner will benefit from the support of being in person and in community after many months of personal practice at home. By leaning into the support of space held by another, one is able to drop deeper into their practices with more ease. By both listening to others, and sharing one's insight and process, we come away with a deeper understanding of reality. There is a wisdom that lives in the group and is only uncovered in the process of being in relationship.

    • Both practitioners are invited to co-create many of the group practices. The retreat offers a compassionate, non-judgemental space to play and experiment with finding and expressing one’s authentic voice.

  • For anyone seeking connection and relationship; anyone who would like to relearn and explore new ways of relating and move beyond challenges in creating and sustaining connection.

  • For anyone who wants to honor and celebrate both this year and the next by becoming clear about their intentions and giving it power through rest, deep listening, and the reflection and support offered by community.

Price starts at 26,100 Php for 5 nights dorm room accomodation

Check-in time: 1 pm | Check-out time: 10 am


  • 5 nights Full Board

    • 5 nights accommodation of choice

    • 5 nights plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • Daily Sadhana: Morning and Evening Practice

    • Mornings: meditation & hatha yoga: pranayama + asana, self-inquiry and contemplation

    • Evenings: restorative practice + yoga nidra

  • Daily Sharing Circle, Satsang, & Community Practice and Play  

  • 2 Kirtan (including NYE Community Kirtan)

  • 1 One-to-one consultation with either of the facilitators

  • airfare

  • airport / seaport transfers

  • additional food and beverage from the restaurant




6:15AM Tea, Coffee + Morning Snack 

7:00-8:30AM 1st Practice ( movement, breathwork) 

9:00AM Breakfast 

12:30PM Lunch

3:00-4:30PM 2nd Practice ( movement, meditation ) 

5:00-5:45 PM Kirtan | Sharing Circle 

6:00-6:30PM Dinner

* before and after lunch are free time for participants to enjoy *


Kaye Aboitiz

Kaye is a Siargao- based facilitator who holds space in Lotus Shores Siargao and more recently in her own container, Little Shell Studio. Her main areas of devoted study and practice are those of Yin Yoga and Kirtan - which were received through the grace of her teachers in London, Bali and Philippines. Kaye’s offerings center around receiving the blessings of practicing in community and in friendship. 


Chloe Romero

Chloe is a surfer, yoga teacher and space holder currently based in Siargao Island. She is trained in Vinyasa, The Rocket (Progressive Ashtanga), TCM-based Yin, and is heavily influenced by the methods of Katonah Yoga. She views one's yoga practice as an expression of independence and self-sovereignty, and teaches with the intention of igniting the fire of personal transformation through the tools and techniques that have powerfully impacted her own journey. Chloe continues to study, practice and celebrate yoga every single day, through conscious action and joyous offering.

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