Year-round Yoga Retreat. Start any day.


The Lotus Shores Yoga Retreat is a year-round immersion in the following practices: meditation in movement (asana) and stillness, nada and mantra (inner and sacred sound), and pranayama (mind and breath). Undertake life’s most important journey, the discovery of the Self, using the pathways mapped by these practices. Experience true sadhana, the act of reclaiming that which is divine in us, the truth and power of our being. This is experienced as the innate intelligence of our embodiment that is naturally in harmony with the cycles of the cosmos; we also know it as our ability to heal and uplift our selves and others. In this immersion, we will deepen our capacity to listen, love, and serve—by cultivating these karmas (actions) we become established in our essence-nature, from where we create more compassionate and loving relationships and live lives of true purpose.


This immersion is for someone who wants to experience more freedom, clarity, and joy in their lives by deepening an existing practice with the study of more subtle forms of yoga alongside asana (breath, mind, sound, etc.).


One can start this retreat any day of the year, for a minimum of 3 nights,

on their own or with companions. Accommodations and plant-based, whole food meals

(breakfast, lunch, and dinner) are included in the program.

Check-in time: 1 pm | Check-out time: 10 am


What is Ayurveyda?


Ayurveda is an ancient multi-modality approach to understanding & healing the body. Originating from India, Ayurveda is a holistic medical system that helps you bring balance to the various functions of your body including digestion, hormones, sleep cycles, and immune system. Ayurveda is a comprehensive and practical approach to eating and living with more freedom and less confusion.


Benefits of this Ayurveda Cleanse:

  • promotes regularity and healthy bowel movements

  • maintenance of healthy body weight

  • reduction of gas + bloating 

  • increased energy

  • improve strength of metabolic fire (metabolism)

  • improve energy, overall strength, and vitality

  • Heightened awareness thought processes

Health Disclaimer

The following health information is provided for general information and educational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional health advice. We advise you to notify your primary care physician before making any changes to your current dietary & lifestyle regiment. If you are currently taking any medications, herbal supplement, etc., we DO NOT advise you to stop unless otherwise directed by your primary care physician. The use or reliance on any information presented by Lotus Shores is solely at your own risk. 

Indicators that Your Mind-Body Type Will Benefit from this Individualized Cleanse are:

  • Increased stress-levels 

  • Brain fog, difficulty focusing 

  • Stagnant and heavy mind-body 

  • Frequent traveling

  • Irregular sleep patterns 

  • Irregular bowel movements including constipation

  • Irregular eating habits like overeating, eating late at night, bored eating, strange cravings


Possible Mind-Body Type Manifestations (symptoms) to be Aware of During the Cleanse: 

  • Headaches (especially with previous high caffeine and sugar intake) 

  • Increased urination or bowel movements 

  • Difficulty falling or staying asleep

  • Sensitivity to environmental stimuli such as light and sound


We value your decision to invest in your well-being and offer the following dietary + lifestyle recommendations to help you ease into your Ayurveda Cleanse fully immerse yourself into the Blossoming Lotus Program. 


Before arriving to Lotus Shores please consider: 

  • Reducing or completely eliminating the consumption of alcohol, caffeine, and stimulants

  • Reducing or completely eliminating processed foods, frozen foods, refined flour and sugar

  • Increasing your water intake

  • Increase your consumption of freshly prepared whole-foods including whole grains, beans + legume, fresh vegetables and fruits, and nuts and seeds while reducing your intake of flesh proteins such as red meat, pork, chicken, and fish. 

  • Journal writing including what you ate, how much, and how you feel before and after meals. - this will help bring heightened body awareness as you transition into a new environment. 

Ayurveda is a lifestyle practice- a day by day effort to create a heightened quality of life. To help you sustain any positive shifts made during the Blossoming Lotus Retreat.

We offer the following dietary + lifestyle recommendations:

  • Devote 10 minutes every morning to yourself- to breath, journal, visualize, meditate, and listen to your body’s need for the day 

  • Eat meals in a settled environment void of any distractions including scrolling on your phone, watching a movie/ youtube, working on your laptop/ tablet, etc. 

  • Sip warm water on an empty stomach- first thing in the morning- to stimulate your digestive fire

  • Carry a thermos of warm water with you and sip throughout the day to keep the fire kindled, stay hydrated, and curb food cravings 

  • Choose whole, plant-based ingredients to continue providing your body with rich prana, or life-force energy

  • Protect your metabolic fire by eating your largest meal closer to lunch and your lightest meal at dinner.


  • Unlimited participation in our regular schedule

  • Special classes and workshops exclusive to retreat participants

  • Participation in our weekly community events (e.g. Kirtan & Satsang)

  • Accomodation of choice

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (plant-based, whole food meals)

  • 1-hour massage

  • Guidance from our Program Coordinator

  • Discounted rates for private sessions

  • Airport / seaport transfers (these can be arranged upon confirmation of reservation)

  • Additional orders from the restaurant (drinks, additional meals, snacks, short orders, etc.)

  • Surf Lessons or land and sea tours



My time at Lotus shore was absolute magic during my six day yoga immersion. The program that Arianne and Leela have put together is the perfect balance of structure and flexibility. I found the structure I desired with the outline of the program and  the abundant class schedule. Everyday there were opportunities for me to join in on the yoga classes, meditation and pranayama practice, and healing sound bath. 







Since it was discovered by surfers in the late 80’s / early 90’s, Siargao has then become the tropical island destination for surfers and non-surfers alike. It offers, for the yoga practitioner, the opportunity to practice in nature, close to the elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) which reflect the different dimensions and aspects of ourselves. We come away more embodied and with greater self-awareness.


The island has plenty of natural pools, lagoons, waterfalls and caves, one can visit between during or after the program. Tours, surf lessons, and other outdoor activities can be organized upon arrival, with the Program Coordinator and the front desk.  

Lotus Shores Siargao | Yoga, Surf, & Farm Retreat