20% off room rates for bookings
until Dec 31, 2021.


Living Yoga

With the reopening of Sayak Airport, we invite you to experience life at the retreat with us once again. From Dec 01, 2020, our guest accommodations will be available and at discounted rates.

20% off Regular Room Rates for all paid and confirmed bookings. Discount is applicable for bookings
until Dec 31, 2021.

Our cafe is open to retreat guests
and to public from 7am-7pm 

Yoga Classes at the Dojo will resume with a limited schedule. Classes are open to the public, including non-residential or stay-out guests. Limited spaces per class.

Terms and Conditions: All room bookings are non-refundable. Cancellations due to government issued travel restrictions are rebookable for a later date. Guests will be charged for the difference in the room rate if any.


The following are required for all tourist coming to Siargao

  1. Negative results on (RT- PCR) Test and/or Antigen Swap Test taken within 48 hours prio to the date of Arrival in Siargao 

  2. Five (5) days Confirmed Booking from an Accredited DOT Accomodation Establishment

  3. Surigao Del Norte Provincial e-Health QR Pass (link will be provided upon booking)

  4. Valid Identification Cards

  5. Round trip ticket



Since it was discovered by surfers in the late 80’s / early 90’s, Siargao has then become the tropical island destination for surfers and non-surfers alike. It offers, for the yoga practitioner, the opportunity to practice in nature, close to the elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) which reflect the different dimensions and aspects of ourselves. We come away more embodied and with greater self-awareness.


The island has plenty of natural pools, lagoons, waterfalls and caves, one can visit between during or after the program. Tours, surf lessons, and other outdoor activities can be organized upon arrival, with the Program Coordinator and the front desk.  

Our Core Values


LISTEN | Practice

Any form of yoga is a practice of listening. Deep listening is what allows us to access our innate wisdom. Deep listening is what allows us to hold space for even the disparate and contradictory aspects of our experience-- creating the conditions for Love to grow.


LOVE | Devotion

Bhakti is the practice of intimately relating to the Divine-- in any form that one chooses (Isvara). On this path, we cultivate an intimate, personal and loving relationship with the vast, the formless, the infinite. This love is the fire that purifies our perception of our world.


SERVE | Purpose

The realization of Yoga includes the awareness that every aspect of reality is a manifestation of the Divine. Our life finds its highest purpose in service of the Beloved, manifest in this world, in ways unique to every individual.

A place to rest, manifest, expand, and get barreled.

The embodied exploration we call Yoga leads to

the realization that all is One, and that in itself is Divinity.


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